Why outsourcing

Why outsource?

Outsourcing is a popular practice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It can help entrepreneurs to establish and grow a startup business. Alternatively, it can help large corporations to reduce costs, raise productivity, and adapt to challenges in an everchanging world.

Outsourcing is when a business contracts a third-party organization to perform work that could otherwise be done by employees. This third-party could be located overseas, or it could be a business located in a nearby suburb. Outsourced work can include everything from IT to digital marketing, accounting to customer service. Usually, the functions that are outsourced are considered non-core to the business.

The primary reason you should consider outsourcing is to save money and free up expensive resources. Typically, the third party has access to skills, processes, and technology that allow them to perform certain tasks and functions better than your organization can do at a lower cost. So, instead of employing staff to perform these tasks, you can outsource them.

Outsourcing operates under the principles of economies of scale. It allows the outsourcing provider to give clients higher value while they make acceptable profit margins.

Focus on what you do best

If your main business is designing and making shoes, accounting, HR, digital marketing, and IT are unlikely to be core competencies required to make your business a success. One of the ways outsourcing drives revenue growth is that it allows you to develop and focus on the core competencies needed for your business.

By letting a third party handle your payroll, book-keeping, accounting, or digital marketing, you can dedicate your time to designing, making, and selling better shoes. At the same time, those non-core activities are managed better and to a higher standard than if you handled them yourself.

Access to a larger pool of talent and skills

Searching for professionals with highly specific skills can cost a considerable amount of time and money, not to mention the cost of training new employees for their roles. Hiring an employee may only give you access to a restricted and localized talent pool. Then you need to ensure they have sufficient work to warrant the regular salary you pay them.

Many companies have found that outsourcing gives them access to the best talent from across the world at the best price.

Most companies also find it’s easier to scale capacity up or down through outsourcing rather than by hiring and then retrenching people. Outsourcing allows businesses that have cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when necessary. These resources can be released when things slow down again.

Save on infrastructure and technology

Employees require systems, tools, and facilities to perform their job. Outsourcing alleviates the need to invest in technology and infrastructure, as it’s the responsibility of the outsourcing partner to build the necessary systems, infrastructure, and facilities.

Manage risk and compliance 

Outsourcing helps companies manage their risk by building redundancy and backup capability outside of the leading business. Responsibility for tasks to be completed and shared across both organizations.</p?

Human resources requirements often need to comply with legal regulations in various countries. Outsourcing frees up enterprises from these legal obligations because the employees are the responsibility of the service provider who must meet overtime holiday pay, settlements, and other government-mandated requirements.

Control capital costs 

Aside from cutting costs, outsourcing allows fixed costs to be converted into variable costs. This releases capital for investment in other areas of the business. It grants start-ups to avoid large expenditures and overhead in the early stages of the business. The business is more attractive to investors as more money can go into core revenue-producing activities.

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